13 Digit Mobile Number

Key Highlights

  • The 13-digit scheme is not for regular numbers
  • The migration of existing 10-digit M2M numbers to 13 digits will begin from October 1, 2018
  • The plan for the new M2M SIMs will be implemented from July 1, 2018

Are you aware that government will introduce a new change in 10 digits numbers? If no then here is a brief discussion about the change that is soon expected. We are well familiar with the fact that our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is actually a great personality and an influential person. In the presence of his highness, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India also known as TRAI and DOT has instructed all telecom operators. The instruction is to start issuing 13 digit numbers to all customers in the country. Is this change in mobile numbers?

For decades, we have been using the 10 digit mobile numbers but now this is a huge change coming in 2018. Nobody has ever thought of such drastic change in telecom industries. The idea of 13 digit number will be soon announced by telecom operators from July 2018 but its implementation would take place from October 2018. This will clear all our doubts that what the change actually is? Hence, before getting further with discussion, you need to read the report sent by BSNL.

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BSNL Announce 13 Digit Mobile Number Implementation from July 1, 2018

People have lots of doubts and are questioning from telecom operators that are the 13 digit number news right? Here is a BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) response which may help you clear your doubts.

Well Yes! BSNL has reported that the numbers would be transformed to 13 digits but for M2M communications. The M2M communication is actually about the Machine to Machine communication. 13 digit number facts are buzzing out all over social media but the response of BSNL is not completely in favor of this news. The change of 13 digit numbers is right but it is only for the machine to machine communications rather than, voice to voice.

The DOT in a meeting has made an announcement that the 13 digits number implementation should take place from July 2018. It is an M2M 13 digits numbering plan that will come in enactment from July starting. It is an act of Government. Under this act, all TSP’s have to make sure that their IT and other systems relevant to networks should have M2M 13 digits number before the start of July 2018. The LI systems should also be ready for 13 digits numbering plan. The allotment will be from July but the migration of 10 digit number to 13 digits will start from 1st October 2018.

We can say that this machine to machine 13 digits numbering plan is a great change and a small step towards country’s development. Coming back to the doubts or the news, people were expecting the change in mobile numbers but it is not exactly right. The change will take place in the machine to machine communication. It is not for the voice to voice communication.

What are M2M communications?

Do you know what the M2M communication is? Well after going through this news, you must have the doubt that what M2M communication means? In the first Instance, you must know that M2M is an acronym for Machine to Machine communication. The Machine to Machine communication is actually a technology where the machines communicate with each other through wireless networks. The M2M communications sims are available for all enterprises by Telecom Operators and are a great touch for development.

The DOT has made an announcement of M2M 13 digits numbering plan implementation from the start of July 2018. Under this, all the enterprises will receive the number of 13 digits. The enterprises using10 digits number will get its migration which will latest start from starting of October 2018. This news of 13 digits numbering plan was actually for the M2M communication.

The news was buzzing on social media and people were freaking that this change will appear in their mobile numbers. The real truth is not what we were expecting as a change 13 digits numbering voice to voice communication can bring lots of consequences.

The change will take place but not in the mobile numbers. This change is for the M2M communication systems relevant to networking purposes.

13 digits numbering plan is a reliable change and soon we can expect its confirmation by DOT. Once the confirmation will pass, the Telecom Operators will start assigning the 13 digits numbers to all enterprises using M2M devices.

Now as the new is confirm that the change is for M2M communications, instead of freaking and buzzing out irrelevant news, people must appreciate this. It is a great step towards the country’s development and we can support it with all our efforts.


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