Mobile apps attract people very much. The different features and functions they serve to the customers are commendable. Mobile applications work for the ease and betterment of people. They make the work fast and easy. We have come across many types of applications that proved out to be very helpful.

We have witnessed apps for shopping, in the field of academics, online payment apps, railway or airlines inquiry apps, online ordering items is also easy with apps of the same. There are applications present for almost everything. People don’t need to visit any place and now can complete most of their work online by using these apps.

Transferring, money was never so easy. Going to the bank and filling forms, depositing money and then waiting for days for the money transfer. This was actually the process which proves to be quite slow. Hence, was replaced by fast and trending money transfer applications. The application development trends have come up with some apps that have changed the thinking as well as the life of common man.

mobile app devlopment

So, there are various kinds of apps that have already been introduced and are being used by people today but what more can the mobile industry give the mankind. Is their approach towards the development of mobile apps restricted till here or it will keep on emerging with the app design trends and development trends related to it?

1. Messaging apps

Messaging apps can never lose trends. We can always consider it as the best way to communicate with people who are distant. There are numerous messaging apps that connect people via the help of internet.

Messaging App

These messaging apps not only include sending messages but also have many other options such as video calling, normal calling. Incorporation of gifs, stickers make these messaging apps even more interesting and attractive. Hence the trend of messaging mobile apps will never fade away.

2. AI is the next big trend in mobile apps development

It refers to features available in any mobile app that would make the app work like a human. It would impart it that intelligence that is only expected from humans.

Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial intelligence or machine learning apps are such inventions that are not novel. They got in use to the world in the year 2017. But they would definitely grow its magnitude in the mobile industry with flying colors in future too.

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3. Money transfer apps

Money transfer apps are also such apps that are widely in use by people across the globe that prove to be very beneficial. In case of emergencies, money transfer apps have helped the people in transferring money with a blink of an eye.

Money Transfer App

These apps have been developed with a goal of easy money transactions across the globe which is quite very beneficial as easy money transfer has led to quick payments and now people don’t need to stand in offices for hours for depositing bills.

4. The GPS powered apps

The GPS powered apps have been trending and will also continue to trend in future as well. These apps enable users to track the location of any person and have even helped many of them in many difficult situations from finding and locating places and even have proved to be best guides in an unknown city.


If we talk about app UI trends 2017 or best UX apps 2018 both involve the best mobile technologies and GPS powered apps would definitely be a trend in 2018.

5. The Cloud technologies

Incorporation of cloud technology in your mobile systems is very important to make your apps work efficiently on different platforms. Cloud technologies enable its users to use the mobile application efficiently and easily without any server hindrance.

Cloud Technology

Hence, cloud technologies are proven as a better trendsetter in future as every mobile would definitely have it on their phones and this strategy implement in 2018 and would grow larger.

So these were some current trends in mobile technology that may rule the world this year also. We can suppose them to change the mobile industry fraternity by setting new standards with its usage and application. 

Final Thoughts

Mobile apps are always beneficial as they possess such features that are incredibly good. They always come with such updates that are best for customers. People accept those updates for the betterment of the work they want to perform through those apps.

Companies will definitely come up with future app ideas. It would change the game of mobile industries in terms of their growth and future goals.


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