The features of these gadgets will make you crazy

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) running in Las Vegas has launched many amazing gadgets in 2018. Let’s take a look at the features of these gadgets …

Roader Time Machine camera


Roader Time Machine Camera was also showcased at Tech Show. The company claims that this camera can record footage and video for 10 seconds before pressing the shutter button and after 10 seconds. Not only this, once the video is ready, the user will automatically be able to transfer it to his smartphone or tab. The battery backup of this device is 7 hours.

TeslaSuit VR


After the VR headset, Tesla Company has now launched the world’s first full body suit, which will monitor all the activities of your body through a sensor. The special thing is that it will also cure your injury and wounds.

Selfly–the phone case drone

selfly drone

In this tech show, we saw a phone case which will work as a drone. Its name is ‘Selfly’. In this case, the camera is inbuilt so you can make videos, as well as live streaming of content. This device has Sony’s sensor. The device, which can cover an area of 45 feet, costs $130 (about 8,285 rupees).

Philips SmartSleep headband

Philips SmartSleep headband

Philips has launched a new headband that will give you a good sleep. Its price is $399 (about 25,430 Rs.). In this device, the sensor is inbuilt, which shows what is going on in your mind. After knowing this, the device starts playing white noises in the same pattern, which makes you sleep better because hearing is because the white noises suppress other sounds.

EargoMax-in-ear hearing aid


For those who have difficulty hearing, Eargo Max has launched a hearing aid in the Tech Show. A new type of chip and the operating system has been used for the best audio quality. Additionally, it has been introduced to rechargeable batteries.


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