IoT is the acronym for the Internet of Things. The evolving and innovating technology has not only transformed the retail sector but also the whole industrial world. These constant technology advances have proved to be a boon for every person. It has taken the lives of people into a new and totally different dimension.

IoT in the retail industry is basically one of those extraordinary advances. It has enabled the retail store owners to provide best services to their customers. Apart from this, it is providing a better shopping experience for their customers. Internet of things has helped the retail shopkeepers manage their store work in an efficient way. They now have many ways because of which retail industry is growing higher.

What are IoT services?

Now as already discussed earlier IoT is the internet of things along with IoT meaning which is services. It is actually the technology that provides easy interconnection between multiple devices. It allows customers to avail services in a much better way. The customers can also get connected to the retail site anytime. Hence, IoT for retail is really something that has brought a change in the present retail system.

Iot Service

The IoT services have slowly made a deep place in our lives. Because of it, many works related to retail purchasing or ordering have become easy and quick. So the top 5 ways in which IoT has changed and will likely transform the retail industry are-

History and purchases to date of your customers

These services enable the retail-shop owners to keep a check on their customers and their journey on their website. Also, they can have a full history of their customers.


Their purchase to date, and exactly how much time a customer takes before purchasing any product or the time taken by the customer and spent on the website for surfing products. Tracking a customer’s journey online is very important. You can track the customer’s behavior by knowing the location data of your customer’s Smartphone.

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Searching your products and their order placement

If you need an insight into exactly what products are being searched by the customers and time taken by them to purchase. It can be helpful for you to serve your customer well. You will have the knowledge about exactly what products are attracting the customers.


You can send notifications regarding the same and a better view of those products to the customers. It will indirectly enhance your sales.

Management of the inventory and stock

IoT technology also enables the retail owners to keep a check on their stocks. They can put alerts in order to notify when the stocks are ending so that you never run out of the stock and keep your customer intact with your online site.


It is called incorporation of smart shelves which tell you about the customer need and requirements and also you can alter the prices of the items accordingly from your device.

Installation of Smart Beacons

Smart Beacons are the best way to catch customers. Smart beacons get connected to the Bluetooth and give the retailer an alert for the customers who are near to the store. Also, these beacons provide information about when the customer has to be gifted with vouchers or discount code which would increase the sale for sure.

These beacons also determine the marketing campaign by providing a large amount of useful data. Hence the retail trends 2018 are rising higher after understanding the digital transformation retail case study.


Securing your site from theft

From theft, we do not mean theft from the side of customers but the theft that can arise during the transportation of the goods in the delivery trucks from the suppliers. Yes, that can be the case. Hence, it is very important to keep a track of the goods you supply which will decrease the chances of potential losses that can occur to you in future.

Hence the benefit of IoT and its advantages will surely help you from any losses that might affect your business. It will keep a check on the possible thefts and inform you within time by tracking the details of your goods.

securing IoT

Currentgyan Takes

So, this can be concluded that retail industry can be surely referred as IoT retail industry because internet of things has helped the retail industry to grow which is clearly seen as an impact of IoT on the retail industry. For any retail industry sky is the limit hence IoT technology has proved to be a big support for these industries and maintain the technology standards.

The impact of the internet on IoT industry has helped many retailers to expand their business. It gave a better approach to customers. Also, it enhanced the sales, which is the ultimate goal of any retailer.


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