Xiaomi Redmi is one of the best phones in India. As it gives best features at very low price in around 6k-10k. Although you know about most of the features about it still it has some hidden but useful features. Let’s check out them and do the fun and knowledge at the same time…

1. DND

Do not Disturb You can enable this mode from the toggles bar. This mode will silent your calls and messages. You can also set time for DND or also schedule it on daily basis. Like if you don’t want that anybody disturbs you while you sleep. Just click Recurring DND time and set the time. Now every day this mode will enable at this time and will get off at your scheduled time.

You can also set exceptions for some calls. Like you want if you that your phone will ring only when your girlfriend calls you. Just add your GF contact in the exception list. Now your phone will only ring when your girlfriend will call you otherwise it will remain silent.

There is an option for Repeat Calls, if you a receive a repeated call from the same number within 3 minutes. Your phone will ring in that case.

2. Lock Apps To Load Fast

Generally, when you open an app in your phone for the first time it takes time and gets stored in phone RAM so that when you open next time app will load faster. This is how ram works to fasten your phone. Now there’s is an option in Redmi phones that you can lock apps in memory. So When you clear your phone ram, the memory of these apps will not be clear from RAM.

 How to Lock apps in Memory?

Just hold your home key for a second, it will show all the open apps. Now simply slide down the app icon (that you want to lock) and leave. You will see a lock symbol on that app icon.


Now try to clear your memory, the app you have locked will not get clear from your memory. To unlock it, use the same procedure by sliding down the app icon.

You can use this feature to lock those apps that you use frequently.

3. Guest Mode

When someone asks our phone we feel a little hesitant as we don’t want to give our phone to another person. As we all of us have our personal data on our phone but what to do if a family member or a best friend asks. To avoid such situations Redmi has provided a guest mode option. You can activate you can find this option on toggle bar. You can also set a password for it.

4. Screenshots

Now you can directly take your phone screenshots by using Screenshots option in toggle bar. Or you can take Screenshot by pressing Power+ Volume Down Key simultaneously.

5. Blocklist

There are an inbuilt Call and Message Blocker in Redmi 1s. Now you can block the unwanted calls directly. You can add these numbers to the Block list. Simply Go to Security >> Blocklist and then tap the setting icon and add the numbers you want to block.

In Redmi 1s, it automatically detects the spam messages and moves them to Blocked message inbox directly.

6. Disable Navigation button

Enable this option from Toggle menu and all your Navigations keys get disabled.

7. Inbuilt App Locker

Now you don’t need to download third party app to lock your apps. In Redmi you can lock your apps directly from Access option. Just go to Access option in Toggle menu. Now turn on Permissions. Now it will ask you to set your pattern. After this touch the Lock Apps option. Now draw your pattern. Now it will list all your apps. You can simply enable lock for the app you want to secure.

8. Compass

Next time when you go for some tracking or adventure trip, don’t forget to carry your Redmi 1S. As in Redmi, there is a Compass Sensor inbuilt, now you can use your device as a Compass. Simply Go to Tools>> Compass


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