Technology is always advance and first! It can be strange as well!  The Korean company Innomdle Lab introduced a latest and strange tech-savvy digital product which already becomes popular worldwide. The product name is Sgnl. It is one type of digital wristband. You can wear it separately or if you wish, you can wear along with your smartwatch.  And the main feature of this wrist watch is, you can able to call through your fingers. And once an incoming call comes, you just need to touch your finger to your ear and start to talk!

How the bands function properly?

There are some steps you need to follow to maintain the band. First, a phone call will come to your phone and via Bluetooth voice signal will receive the strap. Once strap receives the signal, it will start vibrating through a body conductive unit and transfer the voice vibration from your body to your finger instantly. And after that, when you touch your finger to your ear, the vibration start echoes and then you can hear the sound in the ear.

They are researching on this new technology from several past years and finally, they are going to launch their product within this year 2018. And the product will launch in the market for sale in March 2018.


Features of Sgnl wristband

This wrist band is also best as a fitness tracker. Using this digital wristband, you can able to measure calories you have burned daily and how many steps you take properly. In the market, there are six colors available and it offers 3.5 hour talk time! And you need one hour to get a complete charge and it looks like a sample wristband. It is lightweight and simple to maintain.


The device also has notification and fitness tracking functionality. And this device is the best and look like an analog watch or smartwatch. There are lots of people who lost their earphones and phones during their busy time. They just forget to take the phone and lost. But now, once this Sgnl introduced in the market, you can able to keep your phone in the pocket and start chatting with your friends over phone easily. You don’t need to take the phone in your hand and call. Using the wristband you can able to talk with your finger touch ear anytime. When you touch your finger in the ear, the vibration will transfer from your hand to your finger and it starts echo and you can able to listen the sound easily. And you can able to listen to clear voice at any place without any worry.

If you are planning to buy this latest technology and electronic device, then you have to wait since March 2018. From March onwards, there are several reputed online e-commerce sites and electronics stores where you can able to buy the product. The price of the product is not set now and it never discloses publicly. But people are assuming the price of this latest electronic device will be high.

Importance of the device

You can pick up or dial call anytime, whether you are in the washroom or shopping. You don’t need to use every time your phone to search and dial the number. One can easily listen to the clear voice of other and talk without facing any kind of problem. This advanced technology offers you latest service and several features. You can choose any colorful wristband easily using the reputed online e-commerce sites. So, in the March buy a new technology and utilize its features completely.


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