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Here you will go on Journey to CurrentGyan and Me

About Me: Man Behind CurrentGyan

Satish Kumar, founder of this tech blog. I am not a professional blogger, have just started up. I have started many websites, some stopped for some reason and some running. And thinking to start a new project. I will tell about this project later to the whole world. That’s now a secret.

I have faced many ups and downs in my life, but now continuing my Blogging journey. I won’t deny that blogging’s primary reason is only money, If you have it then you can do anything else not. And it’s my hidden dream also to write something about my life and lesson learned from it.

I am from a middle-class family and lived in small City. I completed my school life in my hometown from a small school. After schooling, In 2006 I took admission in B.Tech. And in these 4 years, I have learned many things, enjoyed life with college friends, and done many things which will remember whole life.

But After college life, My parents forced me to get a good Job in Private or Govt. sector. But I never wanted to work under someone. My dream was to be my Own BOSS and also to be a Tycoon.

But this time I tried to get a JOB. And after trying few months, I got a job in new IT company. I kept trying freelancing and another way to start my business and finally I quit my job and founded my Company Lifeshop Retail Pvt. Ltd. and  started a shopping site www.styleadda.in but due to some budget problem I had to keep it on hold and I failed to continue this shopping site

And I was frustrated for some time then I started www.pairstay.com and started working on this couple room booking website. I have learned a lot till now, In this, between I found many cheaters in this IT industry, developer to SEO manager, I started googling and learned all from basics. This year was 2015. and after 12 months of continued working Day and Night (Worked 16 Hours a day) I realized I can’t do all things alone and sit at home.

Now I again started working on www.pairstay.com and I also started a fashion blog www.currentgyan.com now it’s time to fight and tight back…. Life goes on so don’t look back if it was bad, learn from it and do your best and I will definitely win :P. All the best friends and thanks for reading my journey.