Now shop freely without waiting for the long queue. Do not have to ask for a change to the cashier. With Amazon Go store you can shop at your liberty. Amazon has created most advanced technology for shopping. It is world’s most innovative shopping technology. You do not have to wait in the line for shopping. Now enjoy the shopping by using Amazon Go application before you enter the store. Choose products according to your choice and leave the store. The biggest giant retailer Amazon had announced their Amazon Go in 2016, December. Primarily they open the store in a single location for Amazon employees only. Amazon employee has tested this for more than one year for the cashier-less store. After experimenting the cashier-less store, Amazon has introduced the first artificial intelligence Amazon Go store.

amazon go

Now shop without a cashier

The customer needs to scan the amazon app before entering the shop. Once you inside the shop you can pick any item you want or need for. Drinks, food, essential items and alcohol also and you can leave the store whenever you want without interacting with the cashier or without standing in the line. If you purchase alcohol few store employee can check your ID proof, otherwise you can go out of the store once you finished the shopping. Billing will be done from your Amazon account for those items you chose. The same technology which they have used for the  Amazon store which is used for sensor fusion or self-driving car or computer vision etc. By the use of the technology, the automatic sensor detects the items which you pick up or return the product to the shelves and keep track of all the items in the virtual cart. After shopping, you can leave the store and within few minutes you will receive a receipt for your purchased items and will charge from your Amazon account.

Products that you can purchase:

You can find delicious food which is ready to eat dinner lunch breakfast or snacks everything you can find in the store. The chef and the bakeries make your favorite food of your choice. In the grocery section, you will find

  • bread and milk,
  • cheese,
  • chocolates.

Do not cook on weekend enjoy the Amazon meal kits by chef designed along with all the ingredients you want.

amazon go

The procedure of shopping:

You just have to create an Amazon account. The Amazon Go app is free of cost. With the recent generation, Android and iPhone can have the app. Find the app on either google play store or apple app store or amazon app store. When you reach the store use the app scan it before entering. Then keep the phone aside, you do not need it for shopping. Just browse and shop in the store. Once you did with your shopping leave, no need to wait in the line or no checkout.

Everyone cannot buy from Amazon go store. People should have either iPhone or smartphone and credit or debit card through which they can link to a charge. Families can shop together with just scanning one phone. All the items they grab self-added to the person’s Amazon account. Amazon warns their customer that not to help the stranger as the item you pick up for others that will add to your account and you will be charged for that. If you think by turning off the phone you can cheat then you are wrong, the app will tally everything you pick up or put back in wrong place. So now avoid the hassle and enjoy shopping.


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