In 2007, the Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal founded the Flipkart online e-commerce company and start operating in India from 2007. And Amazon is basically united state-based company which started their business in India 2012. In India, currently, Amazon and Flipkart are two biggest online retail companies. The expended shopping and e-commerce shopping experience now as simple as sitting at the house and clicking on products to add them to the inventory or purchase them now!

The headquarter of the Flipkart situated in the Bangalore, India. But the company is registered in Singapore. And it is owned by a Singapore based holding company. Amazon is the United States based e-commerce website that has started their operation with sales of books and after that, they entered into the electronic market. They started their Indian operation in 2012, giving Flipkart a run for its money.

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Both the online e-commerce companies provide each and other tough competition when one launching an innovative product and other one having to follow the same as well. First, Amazon launch in India, same day delivery where the consumer needs to pay some extra amount and they will receive the product within that day. After that, flip kart also offers the same option. Another distinction is that Flipkart chooses for clubbing deliveries together; say if a person orders two books, Flipkart will try to ship both of the books together. However, Amazon will ship them individually if they come from a diverse place.

The last year, we have seen the strong competition between Flipkart and Amazon. If you check the statistics and other information, you have found, both have sold more products. But further analysis provides some interesting factors on how the e-commerce giants grab the customers. As per data, amazon app and website is more popular than the Flipkart.

Detail analysis about Amazon and Flipkart

Between November 2016 and October 2017 – the 12-month time duration for which the latest data is available – Amazon was constantly ahead of Softbank-funded Flipkart on desktop and mobile browser visits, app downloads and standard daily active app users. A data shows that. There is 5.4 million user downloaded the Amazon apps whereas 4 million people download the Flipkart apps. The number includes both Android and IOS phones. But last October, both had crossed 100 million apps downloads users.

Customer retention

  • According to data from digital marketing analytics firm SimilarWeb, around 4.8% of users who installed the Amazon app visited it daily. This also means that more users visit the Amazon app daily than Flipkart and Snapdeal combined. But Flipkart also said that the quantity is not a matter then quality.
  • The similar web also shows that the Amazon’s monthly desktop visits raise last year and that is approximately 25% or 102 million whereas Flipkart monthly desktop visit goes up to 50 to 60 million. However, browser visits may not be a fair comparison.
  • In 2015, Flipkart had focused on selling via its app while considering shutting down its website altogether. It has not managed to recover its leadership position in web traffic since then.

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How to sell products on these platforms

  • Well, in both eCommerce websites, there are several brands available, international, as well as local. You just need to contact them directly through their website and submit your request. Flipkart and Amazon both offer strong customer care service and they will offer you 24*7 services.
  • Are you the buyer of Amazon? Well, you have to go to the website and search product category wise. Amazon includes several categories and each category consist of several types of products. You just need to choose a product and then check its availability and put the pin code where you want to deliver and check how many days they need to deliver. Amazon site will also offer you same day delivery if you book first half of the day.
  • Once you choose the product, you can add to cart and you can choose any option like cash on delivery or pay online and their executive will deliver the product to your doorstep within seven business days. Now, Amazon offers strong customer care service. They will deliver SMS or mail time to time as per the product dispatch status. So, it will help you to aware of the product delivery details.
  • Now Flipkart also provides same option. You need to visit their website and check their product. Choose a product and add to cart and then choose any payment option. Flipkart will also ensure, you will get your product on time. Now, after receiving the product, if you don’t like, you can return the product and their executive will return and provide you money or another product. A report or customer feedback shows that Amazon provides fast service in this regard than the Flipkart. And Amazon includes more products than the Flipkart. But they both offer quality service and they both follow the same process as well.

Do you want to sell something? Well, lets a have a talk!!

Now, if you are a seller, for them Amazon offer a golden opportunity. You need to visit the website and submit your request for business details, company name, trade license, and other important things. After submission, their executive will verify and call you for further process. Whereas, In this Flipkart, you can directly call them or you can visit their website and submit their online form and they also follow the same rules.

Both Flipkart and Amazon are well reputed and well popular e-commerce websites in India. They both offer a variety of products and best discounts as well. Indian customers first prefer these two websites and then they go any other e-commerce site currently. Most of the people prefer online shopping because it saves their valuable time and cost both. They don’t need to go anywhere to purchase anything. And Amazon and Flipkart always offer superior quality product and proper guarantee.

Importance of online reviews

There are different types of research and reports you will find online where you can get complete details about the competition but as per online data and customer reviews, it reveals that Amazon scores little high than the Flipkart on quality and customer service. Most of the online users prefer Amazon or Flipkart rather than the other sites but original report only shows the original companies. As per Flipkart, they offer always quality product so they never worried about the quantity. Whereas Amazon claims, they offer superior quality product and delivery the product within time at the doorstep and they claim they are currently one of the best e-commerce sites.

So, basically Amazon and Flipkart both attract customers and online users to sell or search anything. They almost sell same quantity products every month. So, it’s quite tough to calculate and analysis which one is more big than other as they both have a good market reputation, customer reviews, and quality service. Both the companies provide superior quality product, branded products and best deal time wise. So, if you want to grab the best deal through the e-commerce site, you can visit Amazon or Flipkart site to get the hot deal!

It’s the best way to shop and get the quality product at your doorstep. Both e-commerce sites offer strong customer care support and quality products as well.


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