If you go on a date and your dating partner and you are ready for sex, for such situation an app has been prepared to keep both of them safe for the future. In this app, both partners can have sex with each other under legal consent. We often see both partners blame each other for having sex. This app can prove to be very useful in avoiding such situations. Its name is legal filing.


How it works

According to the information available on the app’s website, you can send a request for sex permissions to anyone in your contact list. The purpose of the app is to keep the relationship safe. You can also determine your terms and preference in such a relationship. It can take photos of photos, permissions for making videos, use of condoms, guarantees of STD-free and others’ other consents.

According to the app makers, this app brings all types of sexual relationships to be safe and legal. After the consent of both of them, it creates a legal contract, it may be subject to fines or legal proceedings for violation.

How secure its is?

This app is secure as there will be no threats to users because of the privacy of the app because this app is encrypted. Users can also send requests through Facebook, Whatsapp or text message. If you do not want to keep the relationship intact then you can also remove it. Right now this app is awaiting permission from Google and Apple for the play store.


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