We have many old gadgets in our house which are of no use and we do not even sell them in the junk. We have mobile, TV, laptop, tablet or gaming consoles. So if you want to sell them at a good price, we will tell you where to sell.

Sites where you can sell

If we talk about ourselves, we recently sold an old phone on Cashify. We found good value here, which was not found on any other sites. In this case, you can sell your old gadgets on this site. Find out how this site works on the next slide.

sell old phones

Visiting on Cashify will give you the option to sell TVs, mobile, laptops, tablets, iMac and gaming consoles. Click on the product you want to sell, and then you will be asked about the brand and its condition.

After this, you will get to know the exact price of it online. After this, an engineer from the company will come to you and check the product and will pay the money. The company can also pay the money in your bank account. Also, the price has seen online and the cost of the engineer can be different.


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