Not all Google products are successful in the company that holds a good share of the internet market. Some of the products are also closed in 2017. Here are some of them…

google failure


AR platform Tango


Google’s Augmented Reality Project Tango is being replaced to replace its new ARCore. It will be officially closed on March 1.

Google Spaces

google spaces

It’s Messaging App Spaces was launched in 2016 but it has now been discontinued.

Chrome apps

Google Chrome apps

It has also stopped the Chrome apps that appear on Chrome as well as its browser.



It launched chatting app in 2005, which was later replaced by hangouts and GTalk was closed.

Titan Drone project

Titan Drone project

It started the drone service Titan drone project in 2014 but later it was closed due to financial problems.

Site Search

google site search

In February 2017, It discontinued its Site Search feature Google Site Search. At the moment, many users are using it, but it will be completely shut down from April 1, 2018.


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