GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite route framework that outfits area and time data in all atmospheric conditions to the client.

GPS is utilized for the route in planes, boats, autos, and trucks too. The framework gives basic capacities to military and regular citizen clients around the world.

GPS gives persistent constant, 3-dimensional situating, route, and timing around the world.

But, Have you ever wonder how GPS get to know our location or simply says how it works.

So, Let’s find out the working principle of GPS and also try to find some answer whether is it good to share your location or give permission to the Location sharing apps or not.

How does a GPS get to know our location?

Global positioning system or simple GPS, changed the technology and the world, all at once. We all use GPS in our daily lives for different purposes.

Some of us use it for navigation other use it finds taxi and cabs around them. well, this post is strongly dedicated to bringing you the answers to some most asked questions about global positioning system or GPS.

Some of the questions are, what GPS is and how it works, how the taxi or cab companies track their drivers and cabs using GPS and also some precautions you should take while using location services in your smart devices like laptop or cellphones. So let’s begin…

How GPS works?

Gps receiver relies on radio waves, but they do not use towers on the ground, they directly connect with satellites that orbit the earth. For your knowledge, there are 24 active satellites in the orbit of the earth. In those satellites, 24 are active and rest 3 are for backup purpose if other satellites fail.

To determine your location, a GPS receiver determine the locations of three satellites that are above you and it also needs to determine where are you in relation to those satellites. The GPS receiver then uses Trilateration and determine your exact location.

GPS receiver simply draws a sphere around each of the satellites it located and then these three spheres intersect at two points, one is in the space and another one is on the ground. The point on the ground at three points are intersecting is your location.

The reason behind getting wrong locations while using GPS is the tall building and dense trees around you. These are the cause why satellites fail to have a clear line of sight to the satellite it operates.

gps working
Working Principle of GPS

How Cab service providers use GPS service to track their drivers and cabs?

Well, there is nothing like magic in the tracking technology of cab services. They just install the app that uses global positioning system or GPS and let the companies know about the locations of driver and cabs. None of the cabs are interested in GPS packages, it’s the cellphone of the driver which help yours in finding a cab.

How Cab Service Provider Uses GPS
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GPS and Mapping

The mapping part here helps the user to work out possible routes and then plan future trips in advance. The prices of GPS package are rising due to the factor of mapping only. Believe me when I say GPS is also used for fishing. It is used to track the shoals of the fish and predicting their movements.

Using the technology of global positioning system is adding a huge advantage to the cooperative fishing. There are special GPS packages designed and they are known as fish finders. They come along with many additional features like sonar, data storage capacities, and tracking functions.

Hw mapping work

Advantages and Disadvantages of GPS:

It was created by US department of defense for the navigation of military under different consequences. With time the use of GPS became usual and now smart-phone manufacturers provide inbuilt GPS services in their devices.

It is used widely for different purposes like navigation and tracking but whatever comes with pros comes with cons too. There are several disadvantages of the global positioning system. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of GPS are listed below, continue reading to know more.


  • The use of GPS is very easy and you can use for navigation and reach your destination easily without anyone’s help.
  • It works without any obstructions even when the climate conditions are not good.
  • It helps you in searching and finding nearby medical shops and other places like restaurants, cafes, gyms etc.
  • Due to its low cost, mobile manufacturing companies are easily able to integrate it with smart-phones.
  • The cost of GPS is lower than other navigation systems.
  • The best feature that anyone would agree is the coverage, its always in 100% coverage on planet earth.


  • Sometimes the GPS also fails to determine locations, so you need to carry offline maps and directions with you while leaving home.
  • Sometimes the GPS fails to locate the exact locations of yours due to some obstacles in the way. Which weakens the signal strength.
  • GPS kills the battery faster and if you are using a GPS on a mobile device than you need to carry an external power source to keep charging the battery all the time.

Well so now, we know what cons and pros come with GPS, lets head towards knowing some of the precautions that we should take while using the global positioning system services.

Precautions to be taken before giving permission to different apps and what are the risks in it.

GPS is one of the most wonderful inventions of the modern age. For smartphone users, it combines with internet and download mapping and other location data and let you know where you are.

But when the word internet comes in, privacy goes out. Below we are providing some precautions to keep yourself safe:

Precautions while using location services

  • Keep the locations services of your smart-phone turned of still not in use.
  • When allowing several applications to get your locations, read all the information available to get a better idea of why the application is asking for your location.
  • Keep your anti-virus updated and firewall on so that any attempt to get inside your phone or computer can be prevented.
  • Some applications like WhatsApp and other messengers keep updating your location, so make sure the visibility of your locations is turned off in those applications.
  • Keep erasing the saved locations on your device, this will lessen the risk of getting your privacy leaked.

Global positioning system really changed the way or traditional navigation and made reaching home easy. I hope you liked the post and got your answers. Please like and share if you think someone needs to know this.


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