Global events bring together former industries and serve its customers with its latest innovation. Here I am with a discussion on the MWC 2018 which is one of the global events. Multiple companies come under the same roof and show their latest gadgets.

Every year we hear about the top launches of smart-watches, smartphones, and tablets in the market. There are numerous mobile companies like Samsung, Nokia, Google, Sony and much more have been active in MWC event. This global event brings together all companies on a single platform.

The 2018 MWC in Barcelona is conducted from 26th February to 1st March 2018. Here the companies will update their biggest launch of the year like mobiles, tablets or wearable devices.

Before getting with further discussion, let’s tell you about MWC.

What is the MWC?

It’s been years since, you are hearing about the MWC event, but you are still unfamiliar with the term. Do you know what the MWC exactly is and from when did it come in enactment?

Well, starting from word MWC, it is an acronym for Mobile World Congress. It is a global mobile event where there is a large gathering of top mobile companies. MWC is a trade show organizing annually by GSMA (Global System Mobile Association). The early launch generally has been in Europe, but in recent years, it takes place in Barcelona.

The mobile companies consider MWC 2018 as the biggest launch platform for their products. The top and the biggest mobile companies launch their biggest discovery.

In MWC2018 an upcoming technology like 5G, latest VR’s mobile chips, and upcoming trends in the smartphone industry is the hot topic of discussion. There are many top companies that actively participate in the MWC. Below is the list of some of the top companies and their expected gadgets.

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Samsung At MWC 2018

Since MWC2018  had its first start; Samsung participates with its profound launches. The latest updates tell about its latest launch which is expected to be Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. The smartphone is expected to make its debut in March 2018.

The recent discovery of the Samsung devices holds upgraded feature with absolutely advanced technological terms. Samsung Galaxy S9 with 5.8 and Galaxy S9 Plus with 6.2-inch displays will hit the market with its improved cameras, internals, and the Android Oreo features.

Starting with the camera up-gradation, the new devices hold the Bixby feature in camera applications. This will serve you with the live translations, specifying the buildings and other different places in a frame. Also, there is a feature that will make you feel it as an exciting discovery. Well! Yes, it will serve you with information about the number of calories present in the food. Isn’t it exciting?

In the second instance, you will get an upgrading of the dual speakers that let the sound effect 1.4 times louder than its previous versions. Along with this, another major update is the super slow-mo camera where it is capable of recording 960 frames in a second. Apart from these, there are more features that you will get to know once the devices are available in the market.

Google At MWC 2018

Google itself is a large platform, but it has also been participating in MWC 2018. Looking towards the recent news update of the Google at MWC 2018, it is expected that the approach to Google assistant will expand even more.  Although it is not clear, rumors say that soon there will be a revised version of the smart speakers of Google Home.

MWC 2018 is a lavish event, where Google offers us with a reasonable assumption about its new launch. The demonstrative power of the Google Assistant is a clear aspect that Google may cover up this year.

Huawei At MWC 2018

Well, Huawei has been a former company of the smartphone and is believed to launch its recent flagships in its smart devices range. Well, yes! Huawei will be taking the wraps off from the Huawei P20 in the event.

The updates say that its flagships of the P20 range along with Huawei P20 Lite and P20 Plus will be announced on March 27 in Paris. It has got a notice where it will be launching its flagship in a standalone event in Paris.

Although the presence of the Huawei at the MWC 2018 conference, is noticeable as all the companies would be present there.

Nokia At MWC 2018

Coming to the next mobile company, how can we forget to discuss the Nokia devices? Yes, Nokia is also actively participating in the MWC 2018 event. It will be launching its newest device Nokia 9.

The company has recently backed up in the market and is announcing its Nokia 9 device which will stun the market. It is the flagship which is designed to compete at a greater level along with Nokia 7 Plus. Maybe we can expect more than this. So put on your sleeves to get to know about its unveiled launches.

LG At MWC 2018

Many of you must have been expecting that LG would announce its flagship to new LG G7 at MWC 2018 but, it is not always that we expect. This time, LG is rebuilding its last G7 devices and hence, the device cannot be lighted up at the event. Though the LG’s presence at MWC 2018 is obvious, the announcement of its new range of the flagship is not available.

It is not that LG won’t be launching its new flagship this year. We can expect the LG V30S this year sooner after a month

Above, I have lighted up a few of the companies that are soon to announce its flagship of new devices in the market. Not all the companies would announce its launches, but Samsung has been holding a key front. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus devices are generally the devices that are going to be available from mid of the March.

If we have a quick glance, here are few of the companies from which we can expect new upcoming devices.

  • Samsung: Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus
  • Blackberry: TBC
  • Sony: New Ranges of experia
  • Motorola: New Moto G6 Range
  • Nokia: 7 Plus with absolute new features
  • HTC: Desire Phones of Entry Level


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