Whatsapp is constantly improving itself and adding new features. In it, Instagram will add stories feature. Very soon it will also add the option of switching from video call to audio call. Also, It is about to provide a new power to WhatsApp group admins.

Dismiss as Admin


Facebook is testing a new feature ‘Dismiss as Admin’ for admin. Now an admin will be able to dismiss another admin. Dismissed admin will be treated as a common group member then.¬†Facebook is testing this feature on its new beta version 2.18.12. Along with Android, iOS will have the same feature.

Recently there were reports that a person who is holding control over the Whatsapp server could add someone to the group without permission of the group administrator. However, WhatsApp has rejected this report and said that it is not possible to add anyone without the permission of the administrator and they are seriously considering this issue.


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