Privacy Policy

he Privacy Policy is in context with handling as well as securing the personal information given by the users to the website.

The privacy Policy of over website covers every single person who buys any product or use any service provided by our website via any of the sales channel. For using any of the service given by us, the user must agree with our privacy policy and the Terms and Conditions of our website. The user must also agree and acknowledge that the information provided by him or her is authentic, correct, true and lawful. The information provided by him does not violate the laws. If the person provides any unlawful, unauthentic or unauthorized information to our website, we are not liable for it.

The privacy statements and privacy policy dictated by us only circumferences our website and services provided solely by us. We are responsible only for the statements and services issued solely by us. We do not hold the responsibility of third parties and other linked websites. The privacy policy does not apply on the websites, mobile applications and mobile sites of the third party users linked by us. We advise our users to completely go through the privacy statements of the third parties and other websites.

When a person logs on to our website, we gather all the information of the customer pertaining to the domain as well as the host from which the user is accessing the internet. We also collect the information about the internet service provider of the user and the internet protocol address of the system the user is using. We do not gather the personal information of the user through cookies and the other tracking technologies. But, if the user had previously given personally identifiable information, the cookies might be tied to such personal information.

When a user browses through our website, he needs not mention any personal information until and unless asked by the website. The website will only seek personal information in case the user is making any purchase or if the user signs up for our e- mail newsletter or in case of seeking other services that are described below.

If the user wants to buy travel and/ or other related services via our website, he must provide us certain personal information. If the user has to make a purchase, we are liable to seek personal information like user name, credit card number, expiration date of the credit card, credit card billing address, e- mail id, telephone number, et al. This personal information is needed to process, fulfil and confirm the reservations made by the user via our website. Credit card details are needed to make the transactions and keep the user informed about the transaction status.

Certain pages of the website tend to use the data collection devices like “cookies”. This helps us to analyse the web page flow, promote safety and trust, and measure the promotional effectiveness. “Cookies” are the little files that are placed on the hard drive of the user that help us to provide our valuable services.

The use of cookies by us is similar to the use of cookies by the other reputable and renowned online firms. We do not store any personally identifiable information like name, address, et al, of the user in the cookies gathered by the website. And thus, no personal information is passed to the third party. The user must not worry about the leakage of the personal information. Cookies help us to serve our customers better. They help us to be completely efficient in our work. They also help the user to have a personalized experience with us.

Website use cookies to display advertisements to the users when they surf our website. We will not pass any information to third party. Only we use the personal information given by the users. And that too to enhance the experience of the user on the website.

There are certain web browsers that accept cookies automatically. But User can control it, e by changing certain options on the web browser. Also, there are many software programs that also help in this matter. You can control the way and whether you want to accept cookies by browser. Our website allows the users to control the way cookies function. A user can block any activity on the internet that he feels might hamper his privacy. But, one thing that the user must keep in mind. If he blocks the cookies, he might not get access on certain features. A user might not be able to use certain services. And might not be able to purchase certain facilities on the website. You can block the cookie activity from many website and be permitting them for the trustworthy websites.

The users must trust us. We do not disclose the customer names or any personal information to any third party.

Our websites also contain the links to many other websites. If the user clicks on any of the link, he or she enters another website. We do not take the responsibility of that other website. The user must read the Privacy Policy of that particular website.

The user can safeguard the privacy of his password and other important private information as well as membership account information. Styleadda request user to be alert, responsible and careful with the information.

We timely revise our Privacy Policy and make periodic amendments. We update our website according to the reviews.

The users can submit their reviews and concerns in context with the Privacy Policy. Our website will respond to concerns and queries at

Thank you.