After a long wait, the Common Mobility Plan is finally ready to land. Passengers with a Metro Smart Card will now be able to pay rent on the DTC buses as well. Under the pilot project, this facility will start from 250 buses on Monday.

No need to keep the change now

dtc buses

Now, while riding on a DTC bus the conductor will not have to wait for open money. Just give the smart card to the conductor and he will enter the details where you have to get off and swipe machine will deduct money from the card.

GPS Installed on all Buses

For the use of the same smart card in the metro and bus, it is necessary to have secured access module chips and GPS system in all buses. The Delhi government was conducting a trial in 200 buses for four months. Due to delay in getting the chip, it is currently being implemented in 250 buses.

After one month it will be reviewed and after 1st April, the scheme will be implemented in all the buses. The government was planning to start the scheme last year, but due to technical problems, it could not be started on time.


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