Smartphone Future Infographic

Future holds something really bright and interesting for the smartphone industry. As we all are aware of the fact that the world is going digital now and the craze for the smartphone is increasing day by day.

People and especially the Youth which is going insane after smartphones.

The usage of the mobile phone has become not only a habit but actually a necessity. All sought of works can be done by it. And also, people have become dependent upon smartphone on a daily basis.

None can even step outside their home without taking their phone because it has made a strong place in everyone’s life.  So, how can the companies, manufacturing these smartphones not grow in future?

People eagerly wait for new launches of the smartphone with special features and latest technology. Hence future of the smartphone industry is going to be smarter.

We have already seen many inventions and technologies being introduced to date and are expecting much better advances in future.

Hence fulfilling the public expectations is the responsibility of smartphone industry and they have not disappointed at all. They have come up with the best and amazing innovations that were way astonishing. 

smartphone features
Smartphone with ‘Fingerprint Reader’

Smartphone industries came up with some really amazing features in the phones like that bigger battery, latest android, FHD display, the best in-built high pixels camera and large storage capacity has proved future smartphone technology will show us something that our eyes won’t believe.

But how can we be so sure that future has something good for the Smartphone industry?

Smartphone history has told us that their sale won’t stop until industries keep on introducing some new and innovative features in the upcoming smartphone.

So, What can ensure the success of smartphone industries in future? Some points regarding this are highlighted below:

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The introduction to ‘Augmented Reality’ in the smartphone

Augmented reality (AR) refers to connecting the human senses with the graphical world. It is one such feature that is known to be introduced by future trends in the smartphone industry.

In which the feature will enable the users to believe that the computer-generated graphics are real and they are actually experiencing reality.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality in Smartphone

Portable and Flexible screen

The screens are getting compact and flexible day by day. Technology has placed the phones from our homes into our pockets but that not the end.

As advanced technology in the smartphone is increasing and getting better from the past. And there is no doubt in the fact that it can change into even more compact form and more flexible in the future which will be openly welcomed by the public.

flexible screen
Portable and Flexible Screen

Holographic screens will be the next move

Earlier there was an introduction to 3D display and only a few phones with 3D display have come on the market. Also, an introduction to retina display in the phones has been seen but these technologies are still limited to few people.

Holographic Screen
Holographic Screen

But what is more than the 3D display? Holographic display is the next upcoming technology which is a combination of 3D display and projection.

Bezel-less Display

There have been different types of smartphone available till date. In past, we saw that the hardware of the phones was quite heavy and broad.

As there was the change in smartphones and gone through evolution the bezel of the phones got to be narrow and the display turned to be bigger.

This enables better video visuals and provides better screen output. People love the bezel-less and broad HD display.

Bezel-less Display
Bezel-less Display

Also, it enables multitasking and companies may grow infinitely if more modification is done in this context.

Voice Control

The companies are planning to make phones that follow the orders and instructions of the users. The phone may follow the instructions and work accordingly.

All that you need to do is just speak to the phone and ask it things to do. In return, it will be doing things that you intended to do. These features are quite trendy and cool.

Voice Control
Voice Control

Hence, the ultimate goal of the mobile companies is to give such services to the customers to satisfies their needs and expectations.


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